Types Library Documentation is Coming

The Naked.toolshed.types and Naked.toolshed.c.types library documentation will be released in installments by type over the next week or two as I complete a battery of tests on the type extensions (and make some final tweaks) before they are released for public consumption.


Naked Framework v0.1.24 Release Pushed to PyPI

The v0.1.24 release is now available from PyPI and GitHub.  It includes numerous updates to the toolshed shell module.  Complete shell module documentation is now available.  Check it out to learn more about how to use the functions in the shell library to run system commands, Node.js & Ruby scripts, and access shell environment variables from your Python code.

The Naked Toolshed Ink Templating Module

Documentation is now available for the Ink text templating system.

Ink is a flexible text templating system that allows you to specify the opening and closing delimiters for your replacement tags. A Python dictionary is used as the key for text replacements. Here’s an example of the Ink Template and Renderer classes in action (with the default delimiters):

from Naked.toolshed.ink import Template, Renderer

template_string = "I like {{food}} and {{drink}}"
template = Template(template_string)
template_key = {'food': 'fries', 'drink': 'beer'}
renderer = Renderer(template, template_key)
rendered_text = renderer.render()
print(rendered_text)         # prints "I like fries and beer"

More details (and examples) are available in the documentation.

Documentation is in Progress

I have been hard at work on documentation this week.  The install, naked executable, and automatically implemented help/usage/version command documentation is now available.  Much more coming over the next week.

The Naked toolshed library is reasonably large already and it is going to take a bit of time to lay out the documentation in sufficient detail so that it is useful.  Feel free to get in touch with me on Twitter if you have any questions (@csimpkins) and do some code diving in the source repository to get a feel for the current status of the project.